These terms apply to personal, non-commercial commissions and for Twitch Emote Commissions. If you would like to commission me for other kinds of commercial work please let me know and we can negotiate.

-All payment will be in USD through PayPal.
-Orders less than $50 must be paid in full upfront. Orders of $50+ may be paid 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. Unwatermarked full resolution art will only be sent upon full payment.

Process + Communication:
-After taking the commission and receiving first payment I will complete one or more rough sketches/thumbnails. I will e-mail you these for feedback to see if any changes have been made. Once a sketch is finalized I will continue to communicate with you at various stages of the work to make sure I am creating a product you are happy with. Once the piece is fully completed I will deliver it to you (If there is a remaining amount to be paid this image will be watermarked and the final unwatermarked image will be sent upon the final payment.) Once an image is fully rendered/shaded minor revisions ma be made but anything major may be subject to an additional fee.

Things I Won't Draw
- Graphic Gore
-Anything Political or controversial
-To be added to at my discretion

Additional Costs
-If your character is extremely complicated I may charge extra but I will let you know upfront.

-I will let you know when you order how long it may take me to complete depending on my situation at the time, other commissions or obligations, etc. I will always try to deliver as soon as possible while ensuring a quality product that you are happy with.
-If you require a specific deadline for gifts etc. you must let me know upfront and I will accommodate you if possible.

If you decide to cancel your order BEFORE I have started working or if for some reason I am unable to complete your commission you may be refunded. These are the only cases in which I will issue a refund. 

Additional Terms
I reserve the rights over the final artwork (meaning:to use in my portfolio, social media, etc)
I reserve the right to decline any commission request without giving a reason.
You have the right to use the final digital image for personal use (i.e. print it for yourself, use on personal website, as an avatar etc.) or as a Twitch and/or Discord emote
You MAY NOT resell the image to third parties (i.e. make prints or merchandise from my artwork for sale, or resell the original digital image for money)

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